Frequently Asked Questions

BHRS has several services and supports available. To determine the best service or program for your loved one, please contact the Access Line to determine the best service based on your loved one's needs. Please note, for anyone over the age of 12, we do require that they be present during the initial screening and assessment. To contact the Access Line, call (888) 818-1115.

There are several Federal and California laws that govern the use and disclosure of health information, including how, when, and to whom information can be shared. Under 42 C.F.R Part 2, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Lanterman, Petris and Short Act, and the CA Confidentiality of Medical Information Act, health information is considered private and protected health information. In fact, 42 C.F.R. Part 2 prohibits any “disclosure” without explicit written permission from the individual. Disclosures include any communication of information about an identified patient or of information that would identify someone as a patient, including verification of information that is already known by the person making the inquiry. Generally, the client's authorization is required for the release of information. Clients can authorize BHRS and our providers and staff to communicate with families and loved ones by signing a “Release of Information” (ROI) form. This form can be found on the Medical Records tab under Client and Caregiver Resources.

We do encourage family and other loved ones to share information with BHRS providers even in the case where there is not currently a release of information in place for the client. This additional information can better inform the care and treatment your loved one receives.

This is a form that the client signs to authorize the sharing of information with a family member, loved one, personal representative or attorneys. With an ROI, the BHRS provider or staff can release information or speak to the identified person about the client and their treatment. These releases are valid for one (1) year and may be withdrawn or “revoked” by the client by notifying the County in writing. After an authorization has been revoked, BHRS cannot release or provide any information about the client or their treatment to anyone who does not have a current and signed release.

When someone revokes a release of information, this forbids BHRS and our providers and staff to discuss any aspect of their care, treatment or participation with anyone who the client has not authorized. When a release of information has been revoked, we cannot confirm participation in a program or any protected health information.

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