About Adult Mental Health Services

We offer services to adults (18+) with moderate to severe mental illness and/or co-occurring conditions, such as substance use for individuals that are uninsured, low-income, or have Medi-Cal. Services are available at multiple clinic locations to ensure timely access to our services. A team of multidisciplinary professionals, paraprofessionals, peers, and family partners provide integrated care to meet the multiple needs or our clients and families. A network of contracted services is also available in different communities to meet the needs of clients and families. Services are available in the field and available in English and Spanish. Additional language needs are met via bilingual staff and qualified translation services. 

Services can be accessed through the BHRS Access line at 1-888-818-1115.


Enterprise Resource Center

The Enterprise Resource Center (ERC) is a consumer-operated mental health drop in center.

Open 7 days a week, 10:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. 


The ERC strives to empower individuals to see what is possible in their recovery for themselves and for the people surrounding them. By offering an atmosphere of warmth and caring we work to provide opportunities for those with mental health challenges and co-occurring disorder to reach their highest potential. We believe that in community we recover. We offer a variety of support groups and have different activities to support and engage participants.

Contact Information

Telephone: 415-457-4554
3270 Kerner Blvd., Suite C
San Rafael, CA  94901

ERC Schedule


"You helped me by providing the right treatment and listening to me. You made me feel comfortable enough to tell you what was going on in my head and life. You made me feel safe." - Anonymous